Neighbour Secure Keeping your neighbourhood safe

Why use a security company that is miles from your home
when a neighbour is always closer?

Available for: iOS Android


Improve your revenue

Are you selling alarm systems that use a phoneline or GSM network, but you don't have an alarm service to sell with it?
The Neighbour Secure reseller program allows you to increase your revenue by selling subscriptions to your customers.

What is Neighbour Secure

Neighbour Secure is a location-based networking app that helps you and your friends work together to improve neighbourhood security for everyone

Built on the idea that the safest hands are always our own, Neighbour Secure allows users to configure alarms for multiple addresses and to invite friends and neighbours to check on each other’s homes in the event of an alarm.

With an easy to use interface, convenient auto-responses to call the police or clear an alarm, and the ability to invite up to 20 friends at a time to help keep an eye on your home in your absence, Neighbour Secure is a next generation neighbourhood watch that is guaranteed to be cheaper, quicker and more dependable than traditional security companies.

It works as an extension to your existing alarm system. When your alarm is triggered it will automatically contact the Neighbour Secure service. Neighbour Secure will then alert you and your neighbours through the easy to use app within seconds.

How it works

1. Register

Download the app and verify the address you want to secure and configure your alarm system to dial the Neighbour Secure number when the alarm is triggered.

2. Add Trusted Neighbours

Add and approve up to 10 people you trust to check on your home whenever an alarm is triggered in your absence

3. Rest Secured!

Receive alarm updates, reach out to friends in case of an alarm, and have someone nearby check on your home whenever you are away...all at the touch of button


Fully Customizable

Add and edit alarms, addresses, and neighbours, and easily find routes to locations you are subscribed to

Built-In Responses

Quick, one-touch responses to call the police, to clear a false alarm for a neighbour, or to share additional updates

Real-Time Information

Live updates on alarm status keep you informed of activity happening in your absence

Friendly Connections

Build community ties and improve local security by inviting neighbours to your personal security circle (or have the app suggest nearby neighbours for you)

Smartphone Control

Manage alarms, personal settings, and deactivate or escalate alarm status all from within the app

Secure Multiple Locations

Manage multiple addresses from one smartphone, and easily upgrade plans, manage billing, and keep a track of all relevant activity


  • Very reasonable payout percentages
  • Increase the value of your alarm systems with the added alarm service.
  • Neighbours will talk to each other regarding their new alarm system. This will lead to extra interest in your product.
  • You can create your own voucher codes and add them in your advertising plan. Neighbour Secure will process all the payments.
  • You can see an up to date overview of the conversion via the reseller portal.